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Standing in a Crowded Fireplace …

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… and yelling “Theater, Theater!!”. One of my favorite JK Lea quotes. For whatever reason as we approach St. Patrick’s Day, I got to remembering how great JK’s Pub was. How it was our neighborhood bar. How much JK put of himself into making it special.

This triggered the memories. I found my 15th Anniversary mug, and my husband had to have a Guiness to toast the occasion.

For quite a long time it was the place to go after work to relax and meet others. Our next door neighbors met there. Got engaged there. Married there. Quite a number of people did the same. We met a couple at the blogtail party who also married there. And, they knew our neighbors and played darts with their son. The small world of Howard County.

I don’t know if there is any place like it still in Columbia. There are bars, yes, and happy hours, but the old time, every one knows each other, neighborhood bars seem to have disappeared. Or maybe it’s just because I am getting old, and don’t frequent bars like we did when we were young and relatively free to go out many nights.

Other favorites from our past in Howard County —

Roy’s Place Too
Last Chance
The Allview Inn

As for today, it seems to us that Iron Bridge comes close. So does Victoria’s.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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  1. Kathleen Huffman

    Of course, my favorite is Clyde’s. We gotten to know many people in Columbia and area restauranteurs who frequent Clyde’s after their places close up. Facci on John’s Hopkins is also a neat place to meet folk- a bit younger crowd. Victoria’s doesn’t appeal as it is too loud and not a fan of all their food but love owners to death. Iron Bridge’s bar is awesome.

    But JK’s Pub, the Last Chance, Roy’s Place Too were neat places and friends used to swear by the Allview Inn. But these places change as we change and that is also a good thing.

  2. Love Iron Bridge, too, but the parking situation is off-putting (we are getting old and persnickety, I guess !!). We met a friend there for a late lunch once and that was really nice. Relaxing, very few customers. We all belong to a local wine group (Tasters Guild), and they overheard us talking about wine, the staff gave us a few samples to try. We had fun talking to them since no one was rushed.

    Roy’s Place Too – I haven’t thought about that place for years. Boy we used to go there all the time!

    Now I guess it’s a matter of – we have great wine at home and I’m a pretty good cook. It’s just more appealing to relax at home (no line for the bathroom!) where we don’t have to worry about driving anywhere. I do miss meeting people and sharing laughs and stories sometimes though.

  3. We eat at home way more now than we did years ago. The CSA and my garden keep me in so much food, if I ate out too much, they would spoil.

    We still meet friends like Kathleen above at the Bridge for their wine dinners, or we go winery hopping. We have done picnics at Black Ankle.

    Putting together a picnic for May at Breaux.

    Our eating and drinking habits changed, I guess, just like yours.

    I still go to the Bridge for a late lunch alone, when hubby has a teaching day or a seminar and won’t be around. It is one of the few places I feel welcomed as a single female at the bar, and taken care of.


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