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Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

From Little Sprouts …

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… to a carpet of green in eight weeks.

These are my bedroom window microgreens. I have been slowly thinning them and moving them off to become outdoor plants in the next two weeks, but also having fun adding the little ones to salads.

Our bedroom window gets full south sun in the winter, and is warmest, so the lettuces love it. Can’t beat it. Instant salad.

Now, once I plant the lettuces outside, I need to guard against moochers, siblings and offspring to this fine little friend here. At least they keep the cracks in the extension to the patio weeded.

I usually plant lettuces and chard under bunny proof netting in a spot that gets only morning sun. They seem to do well there.

Window boxes and large flower pots work really well with microgreens. I plant them two or three times a year to keep them growing and rip them out when they bolt.

I also learned only to plant mint in containers or it will take over your yard. Here’s to spring coming in full force. Mint juleps anyone?

OK, I admit it! I’m a Geek!

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And I am celebrating my 100th post by focusing on statistics, and why all these disparate things interest me.

No denying my fascination with things that don’t normally resonate with some women friends of mine. Things like my amateur radio license. My engineering experience. My love of taking apart small electrical or mechanical things and figuring them out. That’s why I am OK with wires hanging off my house.

So, why am I so deeply into cooking and gardening? Probably because they balance me out. But, even there, numbers and competition and a quest like here in growing purple calabash from seed to a ribbon winning heirloom at the County Fair. Seeds from Monticello bought while there on a weekend in Charlottesville.

I spent most of my 30 years working as a computer scientist, mathematician, electronics engineer, program manager for the Navy. Yeah, every job change meant more course work, a different job series and title, and new challenges. The world of the government. Working for the Navy meant I spent close to 100% of my time with men. The bad news. Minimal bathroom breaks in meetings. The good news. No lines at the ladies room.

I still get into it when we do our radio field day, but I cook instead of operate. Love watching them, but can’t sit still for hours calling “CQ Field Day”.

I haven’t lost my curiosity about numbers and facts and statistics. So, now I am intrigued by what I can get from the stats pages on my wordpress web site. Wow! Big brother is really following us around. On slow weekends, I can actually see how someone got here, where they came from, what search terms they used, and how many places they visited, plus any out bound clicks they made.

Oh, and weirdly so, I like the little world map telling me where the views are originating. South Africa! Oh yeah, they searched on “waverly hills wine farm” and ended up on my home page. I had all those terms on my half dozen posts that come up when you click on “Home”. I have no idea how someone got here with “drywall” in their search string.

Search Terms
Today Yesterday Summaries

waverly hills wine farm
“cafeteria man”
mountain hills drywall

I find all this trivia fascinating. Am I the only one that finds their stats interesting?! Or, am I just bored out of my mind because I can’t drive, and can’t putter around in my garden until I get this blasted collar off!?!

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