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Baby Chick Days

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Yes, it’s that time of year again. The baby chicks (and ducks) are back at Tractor Supply.

This time we were in Westminster running errands and stopped in for some bird food, and the cheeps from the chicks always attracts us.

They had laying chickens and meat chickens, and they had baby ducks. I really wanted the ducks, but I can’t convince my husband to turn my old garden into a home for them. I mean, after all, duck eggs are amazing.

You have to buy a minimum of six chicks. There are signs everywhere telling people these are not Easter pets. These are farm animals, which you can raise in a fairly limited space if your county regulations allow it.

For us, we would have to do some serious planning. Just to keep them safe from the occasional fox, and the resident hawks.

Still, it is something I would love to do. I don’t know, I could use subterfuge and blackmail, like telling him I will buy one of these instead.

Hey, they are only $199.99 and just think what you could do to drive your HOA crazy with one of these babies in your front yard. Out here, though, no HOAs, so I could make it my new driveway guardian. Do you think it would scare the hawks?

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Retired, I am following my dream of living in quiet west Howard County, a rural oasis, not far from the urban chaos, but just far enough. I love to cook, bake, garden, and travel. I volunteer at Howard County Conservancy. I lead nature hikes, manage programs and show children all the wonders of nature, and the agricultural connection to their food.

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  1. When I was a child, my family had ducks for a time. They produced massive amounts of excrement that illustrated the possible origin of the phrase “loose as a goose.” They gravitated to a patio outside the door we most frequently used for entering and exiting the house. Fortunately, that patio had a concrete floor. We hosed it down at least daily, probably more than once a day, while we had ducks. I don’t remember anything about their eggs. That’s especially odd because I remember many things about the eggs of our chickens.

    We also had guinea hens for a time. They were extraordinary sentinels that alerted us of any unusual activity, such as guests arriving in the driveway.

  2. LOL – I’m focusing on permaculture plan that keeps in mind the free ranging chickens of my neighbors – cuz I like when they show up at my place AND not yet, ready, to take on the task of ‘herdin’ chickens’ – thought I’m reading up on the subject, nonetheless – HOW else does one keep from planting permaculture forest that DOESN”t kill the lovely neighbors?!??! LOL


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