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Daily Archives: March 30, 2012

Winter CSA Week Fourteen – Only Four to Go

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About 3 pm, the cooler lid was closed. I can hear it from the kitchen. That means CSA delivery. Week fourteen with four more left. Two more dozen eggs to come. Four more deliveries of fresh meat. Then, a week of nothing, followed by the start of my spring/summer CSA at the Conservancy.

This week’s bounty showed how things change when the weather starts to improve.

For a half share, this is quite a bit of veggies. We got:

Beets (well, it was supposed to be plural, but that beet weighs 1 lb, 6 oz.)
Turnips, 3 of them weighing over a pound total
Potatoes, white and red, almost 2 lbs total
Mustard Greens
Spinach, this is a huge amount of spinach, almost a pound
MicroGreens, almost a pound

The microgreens alone at the Silver Spring Market used to cost $14 a pound. Five ounce bags at the store cost $4 if they are organic. CSAs are really a great deal when the weather cooperates. You get an amazing variety of veggies for your investment.

Everything was cleaned and put away. As for the meat delivery this week, it was bulk sausage, all wrapped up in plastic, but not particularly photo worthy. Over a pound of it. Can’t wait to make something with it. I may try out that scrapple recipe again and tweak it a bit.

As for the rest, my husband wants turnip, potato and carrot mash, like I made for a recent dinner. With some fresh sage from my garden used to make sage butter. Fresh rosemary out there too. Sounds like something to use in rosemary roasted potatoes.

Greens, beans and bacon sound good too. Meal planning is fun, when the foods do it justice.

For those of you craving spring veggies, take a jaunt down Rte. 29 Saturday morning and hit the Silver Spring year round market from 10-1, just north of Georgia Ave. on Ellsworth. I am going down to see what’s available in March. Haven’t been there since January, when pickings were slim.

Only six more weeks until the Howard County markets open, and until I get my first box from Sandy Spring. Dreaming of garlic scape pesto and mushroom pate already.


Springing Up All Over

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The plants and trees are gaining momentum, and as I walk around the property there are new things to discover.

Like, the redbud.

We have a running battle about the redbud. It is heavily shaded and not doing great, but it still tries its best to put on a springtime show for us. I want it to stay. The other half of this family thinks it needs to come out because it is being crowded by the maple and the oaks.

I have no idea what these are. It is one of my goals this year to identify all of the volunteer grasses, weeds, and flowers that carpet our meadow (and our quote, lawn, unquote).

All down the property line, a sea of different shades of green is spreading, and starting to take over in some places.

We don’t have grass all over our property, we have every different type of weed, wildflower, and invasive green stuff you can imagine. I don’t believe in messing with the environment that feeds and nourishes so many of our wild critters around here. The bunnies are happy; the birds are happy. TruGreen isn’t, but I don’t care. This is certainly not the back nine at Hobbits Glen.

Also, the toads are happy. We have three living in the pond at the moment. I don’t know how they get here. The nearest creek is about a half mile away. I like having them there. They will keep the mosquito population at bay. The pond has a small pump and trickle of water, but the lower shallow end has standing water. The toads love mosquito larvae, so they are welcome to live in the pond all summer.

The spring and summer birds are slowly returning. More finches, more red winged blackbirds and cowbirds. The hummingbirds aren’t here yet, but I read that they have been sighted as far north as Canada already. We always have two or three that frequent my feeder and my neighbors. They will come up even when you are sitting out there.

The butterflies are back.

The garlic in the herb garden is coming up nicely.

For me, spring is my favorite season, full of growth and promises of warmth to come. New beginnings.

Time to go out and do some more planting.