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Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

March to the Conservancy

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What is happening in March at the Howard County Conservancy?

March means spring is coming, and the Conservancy has lots going on to entice you outdoors, and indoors as well. As a volunteer naturalist, I love to attend walks and talks there to further my knowledge and share it with the school children on their field trips. I can’t go hiking yet after surgery but I will be there to hear Anthony Geraci give his talk on school foods.

On March 10th, come out and take a hike. Bring the family. The volunteer naturalists will be leading family friendly hikes on the Conservancy grounds. Come see some of the cool things the children learn on their field trips around the farm, woods, and grasslands. The walks are fun and informative. Bring binoculars to look for bugs, birds and critters in the creek. The little ones with their families will have a special shorter hike that takes them to see the goats, chickens, and Ranger the owl.

Other family groups will be lead by naturalists on the longer trails maybe doing a creek crossing on a log, or looking to find signs of the birds returning to nest in the bluebird boxes. Look for blossoms on the trees, and for the first signs of spring flowers. Large wheeled strollers can also make it through the hikes. Wonder walks begin at 10 am, and they are free.

Anthony Geraci speaking on March 15th

Geraci – Healthy Meals at Schools

Anthony Geraci aka Cafeteria Man is coming to speak about healthy foods in our schools on the 15th at 7 pm. This will be an interesting evening as he is always entertaining and enlightening. Don’t miss it.