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A Freezer Full of Local Meat

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Want to avoid pink slime? How about dinner without antibiotics or hormones?

If you, like me, want to change the content of the meat that comes into your house, then go looking at the farmer’s markets and the local butchers.

Yes, the meat costs more. I solved that problem by putting less of it on our plates. More veggies, less meat. Same cost. Better for me health wise. The colcannon was the star of this meal, not the beef.

We are lucky here in Howard County to have at least four butchers, and a large number of local farmers selling meat from free range, grass fed, pastured animals.

With the butchers, you may not always know the source of the animal, but you can ask questions about what is in that package of ground meat. With the farmer’s markets, you can know even more about the source.

I just went digging in my freezer, doing a spring clean out. It is pretty deep in there.

I also have the benefit of a weekly meat delivery from the winter CSA. This half turkey, free range, from the Zahradka Farm, is sitting in the freezer waiting for me to brine it, smoke it, and make at least a half dozen meals from it. Then, use the leftover bones to make broth.

Butchers around here include: Wagner’s in Mt. Airy, Boarman’s in Highland, Treuth in Oella, and Laurel Meat Market. I have bought from all but Laurel. HowChow can fill you in on them.

Local sources include: Clark, TLV, Wagon Wheel, and at Breezy Willow, they sell locally raised meats. So does South Mountain Creamery when they come to the farmer’s markets, or if you have home delivery of their dairy products.

If you want to find sources near where you live for meats as well as checking out the farmer’s markets, use these web sites.

Real Time Farms

Local Harvest

Enjoy good food, from people you know, and avoid the pink slime and extra hormones and antibiotics.


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