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Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

West County Hidden Treasures – Glenwood

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I am not sure when I first went into Casual Gourmet. I think it was when I was looking for a wedding shower gift and happened to notice a new store just down from the Glenwood Farmer’s Market by the library. It was before Hillmuth moved in, and now of course the Pasta Blitz franchise, Vittorio’s is out there. HowChow blogged about it, and there is a favorable report on their pizza in his comments.

Casual Gourmet was one of the earlier tenants there in the strip mall.

I stop there for a latte on the way to the Glenwood Farmer’s Market, and I have bought a locally sourced pepper jelly assortment from them. Suzanne’s Pepper Jelly Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Suzanne is a local from Glenwood, and her home business has blossomed big time. Her web site says she now makes a Pepper Jelly Ghost, labeled scary hot, and with a warning tag. Who is brave enough to try it and let me know if they live?

We bought a little sampler a while back, used it everywhere except we can’t handle Hell. Need to tone it down, but we picked up some recipes from the shelf while we were there.

They also have a fill tank for their Ariston Italian Olive Oil, a really nice oil I use to drizzle on my heirlooms in the summer.

Hard to find kitchen utensils, like my ravioli skimmer. I have used this for the past few years on the rare occasions that I do break out the pasta maker, and it also does a good job with other small pastas.

Go in, browse around, check out their huge selection of sauces and marinades and, if you live in West County and need a specialty basket put together for a gift, they do it. Haven’t tried their lunch foods yet, but they are in that business too.


What is in your children’s lunch?

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Howard County is indeed a great place to live. The school system is highly rated, and from all the time I have spent interacting with the teachers at the Conservancy field trips, I know they are a dedicated group of people.

Thankfully, I don’t believe we would ever be a venue for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution or TV reporters to come in and find fault with what we serve our children in Howard County Public Schools.

But, is there room for improvement? Are there things you can do as a parent to help your children make the best choices in eating healthy foods? How do you get them away from the sugar-laden flavored milk that is still on the menu and get them to drink something that doesn’t approach the sugar level of a cup of Coca Cola? Fat free flavored milk has 21 grams of sugar in a cup. A Coke has 26 grams in a cup. That fat free thing gets us all, over and over again. Eating those fat free cookies full of sugar. We all learn that lesson the hard way. By reading the labels.

In looking over the menus in the county prior to attending Tony Geraci’s talk next week at the Conservancy, we can see the county does a really good job and cooks from scratch, per my research into presentations by the director of the school system’s food and nutrition services.

This program will also benefit parents who pack their children’s lunches. Tony has great ideas on getting children to expand what they eat and make healthier choices.

But, what questions would you like Tony to answer on how we can improve, and how we can keep our little ones healthy and happy? Better yet, come join us and have an entertaining evening listening to someone passionate, engaged and eager to spread the word on healthy eating. Seven PM at the Conservancy March 15th. $5/family. Students free.