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Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

The Woodstock Snowball Stand is Open!

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Yes, spring is definitely here. The Woodstock snowball stand was open when I left the conservancy after our pot luck lunch for the end of volunteer naturalist training.

They opened yesterday. They also are tweeting the flavor of the day, for those of us addicted to their snowballs.

We had to stop and get our first fix of the season, me with spearmint and hubby with egg custard. They make the best flavors, and they are really generous with how much is put into the cup. Tons of flavor. Great marshmallow toppings. They have other stuff there as well, like ice cream.

The stand has been there since 1974. We started going there in 1982. Thirty years of driving up to Woodstock and sitting around enjoying our icy goodness.

Heaven in a cup. At the corner of Old Frederick Rd (Rte 99) and Woodstock Rd.


Getting My Goat …

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… or finding ways to live with lactose intolerance. I already carry around little chewable tablets to deal with foods in restaurants and friend’s homes. As well as dealing with my love of cheese in the first place.

I use goat cheese more and more to avoid the unpleasant after effects of fresh milk cheeses.

Cherry Glen and Firefly Farms are my favorite local sources of goat cheese.

I now found a source of goat’s milk while shopping at Roots the other day.

Here’s to brownies and milk and no problems.