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Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Howard County Farmer’s Markets Launched A New Web Site

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Today while I was out visiting TLV Tree Farm, Jen mentioned that recently a dedicated web site was launched that will include information about the Howard County Farmer’s Markets, which begin their season in May.

I think we are fortunate to have a market somewhere in the county five days out of the week. Some of the vendors come to the market in more than one of the locations, and some are unique. I hope this year that there are even more vendors as I have watched Glenwood grow from 5 or 6 vendors to last year’s ten. That’s a respectable number for one community site. I also found it to become a meeting place, where a number of us met there so many times, we were discussing recipes and favorite flavors of South Mountain’s ice cream.

Previously, I used to go to HCEDA to look for market info. I am hoping that this web site gives us up to the minute information on what is available, and on the individual vendors. I was always impressed with how some other counties had dedicated web sites.

It also seems to me that there is a younger generation of farmers out there. Last year I purchased veggies from Love Dove Farm at the hospital market. They are new and growing. Bowling Green Farm is the only dairy left in Howard County, and I love their cheese spreads. They come to the Friday market at the hospital, and I buy there or go out to TLV or Breezy Willow, who also sell Bowling Green Farm cheeses. Their web site states that they now are producing butter.

I noted on the web site that the Ellicott City Wednesday market is moving to the new Miller Library this year.

Support a local farmer. Put the county farmer’s markets on your weekly shopping schedule.


West County – Lunch in Lisbon at the Grill

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Today we headed out for a short trip to accomplish three things. Pick up cheese and meat from TLV, check out chicken coops at Myers MiniBarns, and have lunch at the Town Grill.

OK, we lived here seven years. Never stopped at the Grill. It is always crowded when we drive past, but today we decided to brave the rush and get pulled pork. This place smells so good when you drive up.

This would be why. Smoking the meats right in the lot in front of the Grill. All sorts of good stuff including salmon and trout for the fish lovers among us. Definitely small inside, but you can get a place to sit if you wait a few minutes. People are coming and going constantly and it is a mix of locals, bike riders, workers, passers by, and people who just love pit beef.

I did not want to be as geeky as I usually am, and take pics of the food, but I had a BBQ sundae, which is cornbread topped with pulled pork, cole slaw and a deep fried pickle. My hubby had a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. They did not disappoint as the smoky intensity is what makes their pulled pork so good. And, it is chunky, not all mushy like some BBQ sandwiches are.

Definitely we will be coming back, maybe even for an occasional Thursday night dinner. They just recently started these.

It puts a whole new meaning on the term Gas and Go. Now, as we also love R&R Taqueria we are becoming gas station food afficianados. Not a bad thing, by any means.

As for other reviews that support how great the food is, check out HowChow and Wordbones.

As for the rest of our trip, we got a brochure and an idea of what the Taj Mahal of chicken coops cost. Trying to decide if we get chickens in the next year, do we build our own coop and spend a fortune on materials, etc. or buy a ready made chicken tractor.

Dreaming and planning. That’s what makes it fun out here. And, yes, we got to TLV for kielbasa and a promise to have a brisket saved when they next butcher a steer, and some Bowling Green Cheese. All in all, a good Saturday morning.