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Daily Archives: March 21, 2012

An Update to My Meat Sources

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HowChow inspired me to go back and look at a previous post about finding local meat sources.

So, I spent some time updating this post, with new links, more information and a couple of web sites to check out.

I wanted to focus on places I have used, and those near to us in the county. With all the talk about where our food originates, using butchers and farmers where you can check it out is even more important to those of us trying to eat foods that are better for us.

Use realtimefarms and localharvest to search in your area. Use your zip code and meat as the product. And, since the weather is so wonderful, take some out and grill it.

Happy hunting!


Customer Service

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Keurig – Pass
Kitchen Aid – Fail

Recently I had the pleasure (?) of dealing with appliance suppliers again, this time Keurig, after our machine decided that 3-4 ounces of coffee was what it would give us, no matter what setting you used.

After a less than satisfying go round with Kitchen Aid a while back over a constantly cracking ceramic insert on a not inexpensive crock pot, I wasn’t feeling like resolution of the Keurig problem was going to happen, but my husband proved me wrong.

He called and they walked him through the process with them hearing the pump making really bad sounds. They told us to send back the black K cup holder from inside the unit, and they would send us a new one free. Really!! Free!!

It came in two days and the old one is history. The empty box for the new one, and the old dead Keurig, ready to send to the landfill.

A full mug of coffee!

This is customer service. Not only did they solve the problem caused by an inadequate pump, they came through even better when I registered my replacement unit and got the promo for two free K cup boxes with an order of two.

As for Kitchen Aid, they let us down big time last year. I had an original crock pot. It looked like this.

It isn’t big enough to do chickens or large roasts, so I bought a new one at Macy’s in the mall. A very fancy Kitchen Aid. Less than a year later, about six or seven times of use, the ceramic insert cracked and the dinner leaked out. Calls to Kitchen Aid resulted in their sending us another insert, which proceeded to crack after only four uses. Another call, and all they wanted to do was send another insert. After internet research, I found out that this problem was universal. The ceramic unit overheated and cracked. No one got anything other than replacement inserts which would crack after use.

No satisfaction, so I said the heck with it, and went out and bought another Rival. Way less fancy. Not expensive and working like a champ.

Kitchen Aid failed in the service department, which annoys me since I have many Kitchen Aid appliances. Keurig came through with flying colors.