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Eating Locally — A Crock Pot Meal after a Hike

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Today I went hiking on the Conservancy trails for the first time since surgery eighteen days ago. I made it two hours, although we walked to different locations and stopped to talk to the group we were leading. I can handle that.

Before leaving the house though, I put the center cut pork chops from the CSA in the crock pot with collards, sweet potatoes and a sauce made with local ingredients.

The sauce was made with:

All local, including the pepper jelly hell from Suzanne of Glenwood. I did add a tiny bit of honey from the bees at the Conservancy. Went away for eight hours and came back to this.

Pork chops from Treuth’s in Oella. Apple sauce from Quaker Valley in PA. Tomato Preserves from McCutcheon’s Frederick MD. Sweet potatoes and collards from Zahradka Farm. Broth added to the pot, defrosted turkey stock from my Maple Lawn turkey.

Another successful week eating locally in the winter.

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  2. I am glad your hike went well. That is great to hear! Your crockpot meal looks great. And to think of all those meals from it afterwards too. Spreads the local meal onto a few more meals.

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