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Down on the Farm

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I grew up a city girl. I have no idea why I became a country lover. Most of my relatives for the past few generations lived in and around Baltimore.

We made the big move out here 17 1/2 years ago, and I can honestly say I want to live out my life surrounded by trees, fields and streams.

What happened to trigger this posting? Just a simple random comment at a mini-reunion luncheon. earlier this month. A few comments there, actually, made me think about sitting down to write more often. It seems my classmates do read the ramblings of mine and enjoy them.

The interesting comment was about my life in the country, down on the farm, so to speak. We don’t consider our property a real farm. No animals. No crops. But we are surrounded by rural residences with chickens and horses. We once had goats a few homes down. We may be getting some cattle close by soon.

We love it here. Now, peace and quiet has been restored. The commuters are gone, finally. The new road behind us is done. It is now safe to cross the street to get our mail. The garbage truck and the recycling truck workers have a much easier job without the long line of impatient commuters threatening them from behind because of their delays.

Our roads are narrow and can be dangerous, but still so scenic.

The wildlife abundant. Last night my husband counted 14 deer in the field grazing on whatever the seasonal weeds are. We now have a resident fox who is marking his territory on all the sidewalks, the driveway and the edge of the patio. Thankfully we relocated the groundhogs last year.

The bunnies still live under our low deck, and the crows have moved on (hopefully) because we did manage to get rid of the grubs in the mulch.

We have a new view out of our bedroom window when we wake.

Our neighbors built a new barn.

Life is lived at a slower pace in our little corner of the country. My gardening takes up much of my time and The rewards are trickling in.

The first tomatoes. Including the green one that fell while I was fastening a vine to the cage. The hot peppers. Okra. Swiss chard.

The flowers from two places I planted them.

Here’s to life in the slow lane. Enjoying the herbs from my garden, and the goodies from my CSA. Cantaloupe and snap pea salad, with ricotta salata and mint.

About AnnieRie

Retired, I am following my dream of living in quiet west Howard County, a rural oasis, not far from the urban chaos, but just far enough. I love to cook, bake, garden, and travel. I volunteer at Howard County Conservancy. I lead nature hikes, manage programs and show children all the wonders of nature, and the agricultural connection to their food.

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  1. I was raised on a small ranch (cuz we ran a small herd of cattle – 20 pairs or so, was what our acreage would handle) 10 miles from the nearest blacktop, closest neighbor a mile away – We had a garden, some chickens for eggs, got some goats when the chiropractor said, my asthma attacks would go away, if no store-bought, pasteurized, cows milk, was how to ‘heal’ young me –

    But, ya know? To me, out here where I live, you would be labeled, ‘one of Us!” – you garden, you love the land, the narrow lanes and byways, what you don’t grow, you supplement through the local CSA –

    Sometimes, those from far away, other states of metro and urban settings, work so long and hard, just to ‘get here’ to the rural landscapes in Colorado – – how often over the years, I’ve watched so many, some rather ‘shame-facedly’ say, “I’m not a native’ even if they’ve been here more than 20 years –

    Why? They do because some grumpy mean person, with 5 generations of family living here, decided to shame/blame them….

    Me? I hear their story, and if ever they say, “I was raised in the city” – or “I always wanted to live in Colorado, after the first time I visited, but I’m not a native…” as if some explanation is needed?????

    Me? My only reply is, “That’s okay – ya got here as soon as ya could and you are one of ‘us’ ” 😀 ❤ I ain't a classmate, but I enjoy your posts too and was so happy to see your post in my reader!!!

  2. Beautiful! This almost reads like a meditation or a prayer!


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