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Bread: The Staff of Life

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I remember when bread started getting a bad rap. All those Atkins followers telling us not to eat it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I am a bread addict. Give me a good chewy bread, and good cheese, and I am happy. I love all sorts of breads. With butter. With fresh tomatoes. Rubbed with garlic. Grilled. Fried. You name it. I am there.

Around here in Howard County, we are lucky to have quite a few artisan bread makers within a 15 mile radius of most of the population. The Breadery, Bonaparte, Great Harvest, and Atwater’s all very near. Canela, even though from Gaithersburg, is available in stores like Roots, MOM’s and Boarman’s. Breezy Willow has Great Harvest making bread for them. Everywhere you turn, good, fresh bread.

Why buy that spongy, sickly looking stuff in grocery stores? Sink your teeth into something with substance and taste. I mean, does Wonder Bread even have a taste? How about a really dense chewy spelt bread, made with PA spelt, fully organic.

I am partial to Atwater’s because of their commitment to buy locally. Their wheat isn’t shipped from Montana, or somewhere else far from here. They have a sources page that will tell you who their suppliers are. And, the bakery itself in Catonsville is a great place for lunch. Right up the street from the Catonsville Farmer’s Market, where they also participate. Besides, we hit Catonsville quite a bit to get to relatives’ houses.

Spelt walnut bread from Atwater’s. South Mountain Creamery eggs and butter. A true locavore’s breakfast.

Sunday we went to get our Atwater’s fix, bringing home two loaves of bread, one country white and one rosemary Italian, and a ginger molasses teacake.

Markets start in a few weeks. Can’t wait to get some fresh baked goodness every week.


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  1. I like your photos, love food pics

  2. It makes me crazy when folks start lumping all carbohydrates together as if they are all bad. Good carbohydrates, such as what we get in really good whole grain breads, are good for us. All the places you mention sell good quality breads that are good for us (when eaten in moderation – which is the really hard part! I love good bread, too)

    I cannot remember the name, but have you tried the Celtic bread (the name begins with an “s”) from Atwaters? It has some corn meal in it. One of our new favorites.

    • OK, I had to go down and look at the pic of the back of the plastic the bread was in. I took the bread out of plastic and made smaller, freezer proof foil wraps, and can’t find the wrappers.

      The pic I took calls it Celtic Harvest. They may have changed the name. It includes wheat and white flours, brown rice, rolled oats and cornmeal. Plus, buttermilk, honey and sea salt. I have not tried it.

      We have had the spelt, and walnut spelt. The sourdough, the sunflower flax seed, the country white, the Kalamata olive, and the rosemary Italian.

      Still so many other choices to try.

    • Hello from Atwater’s!

      Our Celtic Harvest Bread is called Struan. It’s made with bread flour, rice, buttermilk, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, oats, honey, brown sugar, water, sea salt, and yeast.
      This page has more info on all of our breads:

      Thanks for loving our breads as much as we do! 🙂

  3. Annie – I’ll try Atwater’s! I’m in HoCo also! What a small world.

  4. Bread has always been one of my favorite foods. My mother was an award winning baker when I was a teenager and bread was her favorite thing to bake. The month leading up to the fair was delicious. Every day I would come home and the first thing I would do it taste test her new bread. There would be her standard white yeast bread, Cinnamon raisin loaf, sour dough, honey wheat, all sorts of international breads she was trying, and maybe my favorite English muffins. I wish I had the recipe for those English muffins, I have no idea what she did to make them taste that way, But there is no other bread that is anything like them.

    • I just love all sorts of breads. Now that I finally have good convection ovens, that hold a constant temp and have a good seal, I am learning to bake. My mom, she was queen of cookies, not bread. Her sugar cookies are legendary in our family, and I can’t get mine that thin and crisp.

      I am so glad to see artisan shops around here doing well. For a while, bakeries were failing, and now there is a resurgence in finding good simple foods.


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