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From Little Sprouts …

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… to a carpet of green in eight weeks.

These are my bedroom window microgreens. I have been slowly thinning them and moving them off to become outdoor plants in the next two weeks, but also having fun adding the little ones to salads.

Our bedroom window gets full south sun in the winter, and is warmest, so the lettuces love it. Can’t beat it. Instant salad.

Now, once I plant the lettuces outside, I need to guard against moochers, siblings and offspring to this fine little friend here. At least they keep the cracks in the extension to the patio weeded.

I usually plant lettuces and chard under bunny proof netting in a spot that gets only morning sun. They seem to do well there.

Window boxes and large flower pots work really well with microgreens. I plant them two or three times a year to keep them growing and rip them out when they bolt.

I also learned only to plant mint in containers or it will take over your yard. Here’s to spring coming in full force. Mint juleps anyone?

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  1. Impressive! I was a little slow in my seed starting this year, but they’re coming along. Hope you’re able to soak up some of our beautiful sunshine this week!

    • These are the only seeds I have right now. After this weekend’s cleanup, the chard and garlic chives go in.

      I am buying my heirloom tomatoes and peppers from Sharp’s in April. Too hard to tend to them when I knew I was having surgery.

      I was out at the Conservancy for a hike today. Came home and changed into shorts. It has to be 80 degrees out there.



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