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OK, I Caved and Went to Wegmans

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I admit it. I just had to go and see the place, even if it was super crowded. Just to compare it to Frederick and Hunt Valley while picking up a few things I needed before Amateur Radio Field Day. And some things for canning and pickling.

This is my first grocery run this month. I really only wanted coffee creamer, vitamin water, plain yogurt to make tzatziki with my cucumbers, hoagie rolls and fixings to make lunches for the better half as he sets up Friday and Saturday for field day, and white distilled vinegar for pickling. Oh, and fresh dill because I didn’t plant dill this year.

I got there before the noon rush. Not hard to get to the top deck and park near the clock.

Inside a little confusing as things are laid out a bit differently than at Frederick, but I got my hoagie rolls, some good whole grain bread, and headed back past the cheese aisle where I knew I could find The Wild Pea hummus. I resisted spending money on cheese, as I use my local sources for it.

Got a pic of some of the organic prices to use to compare to my CSA organic veggies. I may need to go back and adjust my savings as this price for baby bok choy was higher than I have been using for my cost analysis.

Bought no fruit or produce, as again, I use the local farmers for these items. Same with meat. Only got some deli sliced turkey to make the hoagies. Could not believe it, they were sold out of the large bottles of distilled white vinegar. They even went into the back to look. At $0.62 a quart for the gallon jug, I wasn’t going to buy four quart bottles for twice the unit price, so I guess it’s off to Costco to pick up vinegar. I will be out of it when pickling things Thursday.

I got a really bad picture through the glass of my cart coming up the escalator behind me. Too much glare to get it. I did walk right up to a checkout counter mid store that had one person paying as I placed my items on it. The next register was the same, and there were employees directing us to open registers along that long row.

Out to my car, and here is the time. Less than an hour, including running all over the bulk aisles looking for the vitamin waters. And, getting the fish department to select some large diver scallops to grill for dinner tonight. Stay tuned for the dinner posts sometime later.

My haul, a bit more than I went in to buy. But, much of it prep stuff for Friday at Field Day, and I did pick up the K Cup sampler I like. And, Chobani at $1 is a deal. I needed the plain Greek yogurt to make tzatziki and their prices are better than anywhere for Chobani.

I also grabbed a large bottle of their olive oil to use to make berry vinaigrettes.

And, yes, as I was leaving, it was getting crazy. Long lines of cars to get up to the parking garage.

Lots of people eating outside of the Market Cafe.

As others have said, avoid the food court and the prepared food section, and you can get in and shop fairly efficiently. I will probably be using them for all my grocery needs that can’t be filled by Roots and Boarman’s. Definitely for fish. The bakery may tempt me, but I still love Atwater’s breads. Wegmans may be a once or twice a month visit to get staples and some really good seafood. Oh, and sushi. None today because I am making the scallops tonight, but I do like to treat myself to their sushi.


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Retired, I am following my dream of living in quiet west Howard County, a rural oasis, not far from the urban chaos, but just far enough. I love to cook, bake, garden, and travel. I volunteer at Howard County Conservancy. I lead nature hikes, manage programs and show children all the wonders of nature, and the agricultural connection to their food.

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  1. Haha! We were there at the same time today! I think I left about 20 minutes before you did. This is my first time commenting on one of your posts but I’ve been reading for awhile. I love reading about how you locally source your food. We try very hard to do the same – as much as possible. Also, I believe you pick up your CSA at my friend’s house! Such a small world! I do the winter CSA with pick up at her old home and really enjoyed it, but for the summer we are Breezy Willow members. Anyway, just had to comment because of the coincidence. Thanks for the great blog content!

    • Yeah, it is an amazing store. First started going to Hunt Valley the month they opened. Got my Shopper’s card when Frederick opened.

      Small world about the CSA. I like this one because it is all veggies. I buy my eggs from TLV now, as they are a neighbor. And, I like Atwater’s breads better than The Breadery.

      I buy things from Breezy Willow at Glenwood. Spreading it around the different farmers out here.

  2. Kathleen Huffman

    and is it bigger and better than Frederick? Glad you gave in. I plan to make my excursion this PM for eggs and sushi

    • It is definitely bigger but deceiving because of the second floor.

      Laid out differently, too.

      Still a great place to shop. I should have given you the coupon for eggs, since I buy TLV’s.

      Good luck getting in.

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  4. I just keep hearing about Wegmans. I guess they opened one in Prince George’s County in the last year or year and a half that is still buzzed about in the city. Not close enough for me, so I’ll wait until I actually pass by one.

    I also did go into a Giant over the weekend (to get some mixers for drinks when we had people over) and I too took a scan through all the produce so that I could compare prices at market. Just good to know the difference, regardless of which way it goes.


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