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Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

Week Two: Eat Local SSFC Challenge Veggie Meal

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So, this week the ten of us decided to try vegetarian meals. I did two or three last week, but had all this lovely turkey around this week to use for dinners.

I decided to do a veggie meal at a local winery for a picnic.

We have been drinking Pearmund wines since they opened. Chris makes an amazing buttery intense Chardonnay here at the winery. I wanted to bring food that would complement the Chardonnay and be light enough to eat mid day in the warm Virginia weather.

We found a lovely spot to picnic.

I brought a couple of Bowling Green cheeses, and a loaf of lemon rosemary bread from The Breadery.

Off in the bag are hard boiled TLV Farm eggs, and radishes from Breezy Willow, both bought yesterday. I had seasoned salt for dipping.

Add to that, the last of the mushroom pate made with CSA mushrooms and the end of the black walnuts from Baugher’s (I had frozen some of them when I got them last winter). A vegan pate. No cream or cheese, but an interesting, very good version of a pate.

Finally, I made potato and green bean salad, with CSA potatoes and green beans from Zahradka, bought at the Glenwood market. The tzatziki is not local. Give me one more week and some local yogurt. My cukes are almost ready to harvest. This salad is simple. Boil the potatoes. Steam the beans. Put tzatziki on top. Mix it all up before serving.

After dining, we walked around and checked out the grapes on the 36 year old vines that were there when Pearmund purchased the property. Old vines. Lovely wines. A veggie brunch. Locally sourced for almost every element. Fresh seasonal goodies to enjoy with a great wine.