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Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

The Friday Morning Harvest

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Ah, the beginning of the garden harvest. Today gave me six pole beans with the promise of a half dozen more tomorrow.

I had to harvest these close to the ground ones. Baby bunny squeezes through my deer fence, and these looked too tempting to leave until tomorrow. With the ones farther up the fence, and bunny proof, that I will harvest tomorrow, I will be steaming green beans to have with grilled petit filets tomorrow night.

I have another cucumber getting closer, and hopefully it won’t get bite marks like the last one. I will leave this one on a few more days to get bigger.

I did check out the asparagus to see what was there. One to cut, and one went to seed.

The herbs are flowering, particularly the varieties of thyme.

The tomatoes are coming along nicely. These are orange blossom.

About five of my tomato plants have tomatoes. All the rest are still in blossom stage. Can’t wait for the first cherry tomatoes to ripen next month. July 4th is usually when I get the first ones.

All in all, a nice Friday morning with a promise of a lovely weekend.