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Daily Archives: June 9, 2012

Making a Messy Kitchen

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For whatever reason I seem to be able to make a real mess while cooking. Maybe because my husband cleans up when I cook. Must be something significant in that, but who knows.

Today, a lovely Saturday, saw us out with the masses taking trash to the landfill. The storms last week took down lots of trees so the back area of the landfill was hopping this morning.

Then, from there, like all good west countians, we headed off to Glenwood to the market. Had to get veggies and eggs and bread. TLV had no eggs so we stopped at the farm on the way home, and also picked up half a chicken with those eggs. We had to get veggies from Zahradka, to complement the turkey from them that we grilled last night.

The veggies were squash and green beans.

We heated the turkey wing and kale casserole that I made last night, and added the steamed veggies to make tonight’s local dinner.

I also was fixing things to take on a picnic to VA tomorrow. That’s where the messy kitchen comes in.

Bread from the Breadery to go with mushroom pate that needs to be eaten soon. Watermelon for salad. Berries to add to tonight’s sangria along with the watermelon juice.

I keep a container of cut watermelon in the fridge. Great to snack on after working outside. The accumulated juice, after being strained, makes a great addition to wine and orange soda, for sangria.

As for those garlic scapes, they went back into the fridge. Not needed yet, but tomorrow night I may be messing up the kitchen again to make hummus with them.

I did boil some new potatoes and then steam some green beans to make a salad for tomorrow’s picnic. Adding some tzatziki to them to make simple potato salad.

I am currently using Costco’s tzatziki.

But that is only until my cukes start ripening, and I make my own tzatziki. There are two out there already, one slicing and one pickling.

Once the cukes and tomatoes start coming in, the kitchen will be a work zone full of stuff. Can’t wait to start canning and freezing.