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Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

Picking Blueberries at Butler’s Orchard

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Yes, today was a rainy Tuesday. One of those cool dreary days but at least the garden is being watered by Mother Nature and not me. A little less work this week. I did check on the cukes this morning to see how they are progressing and found them happy for the rain. I will probably pick this one tonight and make cucumber salad to have with the greens from the garden and the CSA.

We were in the mood for blueberries. The local farms have them ripe already and many pick your own farms are open during the week. A better time to venture out then on the weekend. We had never been to Butler’s but had heard that they have a very large, well stocked market as well as the pick your own fields. Besides, they had pickling and canning supplies and more variety ready to pick.

Armed with that knowledge we took off when it wasn’t raining for the trip on the back roads to the farm in Germantown. These are really back roads, with barely enough room for cars to pass. We wandered in the market and picked up some English peas to bring home and shell. We talked to the owner about the availability of some of the veggies. You really have to call every day to see if something is picked out, or available.

Blueberries were very abundant. The rain subsided so we decided to go for it. You ride out to the fields in a tractor driven tram, so when it started raining while we were picking, we could run back to it and ride back protected from the shower.

We did get over 2 pounds of berries today, at $2.49 a pound these are a fraction of the cost of buying them at markets or the stores. This haul cost us $5.25.

The farm has lots for families to do. Slides, swings, play sets, picnic tables, a petting zoo and lots of room to spread out.

Black raspberries were also ripe, and the blackberries are not that far off. We rode past the blackberries on the way out to the blueberry plants.

The blueberries will be around for a few more weeks at least. The plants are full of berries right now.

Check here and at Larriland to see what they have. Often they have the same fruit but veggies may vary. We went to Butler’s specifically to find English peas and they had some just picked. They also had those fields open to pick English peas and sugar snap peas, while Larriland has beets available.

If you are into canning or freezing, these two farms can supplement what you grow, and they are a huge bargain compared to shopping farmer’s markets. We may be back at Butler’s Thursday to get black raspberries. They are very short seasoned.

Butler’s is off Woodfield Rd. on your way to Gaithersburg. It is less than 20 miles from west Howard County, and a pretty drive when the weather cooperates. The location is lovely, even in the rain.