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Daily Archives: June 16, 2012

Friday Night at Black Ankle

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We haven’t done a picnic at Black Ankle for quite a while. It was time. We went out early to stake out a good location that has views, can hear the music but still talk, and gets shade fairly quickly. It even had a view.

The view was so great, I forgot to take pics of the food. But, we did have some of my leftover grilled turkey.

Some garlic scape hummus.

Atwater’s Boule.

Some potato, green bean and English pea salad. Just like this one from last week, with tzatziki.

Lots of good Black Ankle white wines.

Good company and good music, and a view. What more can you ask for? How about chocolate bark from Parfections?

Head out on a Friday night for a great place to picnic. Music, great wine, bring your own food. There were at least a hundred people there last night. If you picked a place too far to the left, you could get a parking lot view, to make you feel like you are dining in Columbia.