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Out and About Again: Petit Louis Bistro

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Not the one in Roland Park. The new one on the lake in Columbia.

venison, gardens and petit louis bistro 072

Last Thursday we had the privilege of participating in the opening of the patio on the lake at PLB, as it is known for short. A really lovely addition to the community and to the people who already enjoy Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman’s other restaurants in the area (like my favorite celebration restaurant, Charleston).

Exquisite tastings were offered.

venison, gardens and petit louis bistro 079

Besides these beet and chevre bites, there were cheese pastries and a game bird terrine. Inside, four wines were being sampled.

venison, gardens and petit louis bistro 077

My favorite was the rose from Provence. Probably the place on earth I would most like to live. If only my spoken French was better than it is.

venison, gardens and petit louis bistro 074

Meet Will Napier. Will is the sommelier at PLB. Two seconds after meeting him, my husband found out he once worked at our favorite Virginia winery, Linden. Of course, the winery that makes wines in the French tradition. Small world, isn’t it?

And, Le Comptoir. That little side venue where you can indulge in brunch, or lunch, or maybe a petit dejeuner.

venison, gardens and petit louis bistro 083

There will be a petit dejeuner in our future.

As it was, we made a reservation to stay and dine. Dinner, excellent. I did refrain from being geeky and taking pictures. Truite aux amandes was my choice. Saumon grille was my husband’s. Followed by a cheese plate, French press coffee and a pastis.

I almost felt that I was back in Provence.

herbs at arles

With markets that would make this locavore one very happy person.

Thanks again, Petit Louis Bistro for hosting such an enjoyable event.


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  1. A lovely event indeed. Thanks for blogging about the event and place as well, Annie Rie. No pics of you and Jack in ze moustaches, though?


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