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Daily Archives: April 7, 2014

Farmers Market Updates

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Farmers Market spring season officially kicks off in our area this weekend. Burtonsville Milk Lady Market on Rte. 198 west of US29 and East of MD 97 opens Sunday April 13th at 10 am.

burtonsville and brighton dam 084

This market, new last year, has a few of my favorite vendors and I head there occasionally to get some treats and pick up some excellent meats from Orchard Breeze.

Orchard Breeze also comes to Olney. They were there in the winter and will be back, I assume, when Olney opens on Mother’s Day.

I usually search for what is happening in the local food world here in Maryland using Maryland’s Best web site. Click on the Find Me Local tab and put in your zip code. I chose to search for Farmer’s Markets within 20 miles of my house and it came up with 45. Not 100% accurate yet for this year, but it is updated regularly.

For example, it still shows markets at Glenwood and East Columbia, both of which have been removed from the Howard County Farmer’s Market web site.

I do know there will be a new Saturday market in Ellicott City. Haven’t heard of vendors yet, although Breezy Willow did tell those of us who follow them on Facebook that they will be there.

In my spring searching for flowers, herbs and vegetables (the planting kind), I generally hit the local markets to get seedlings and small pots of plants.

OFAM 039

Many of my herbs came from Glenwood and East Columbia courtesy of Tomatoes Etc and Greenway Farms. They had some unique varietals that I like to plant.

The three remaining Howard County markets, Wednesday at Miller Library, Friday at HoCoGeneralHospital, and Sunday in Oakland Mills will open the first week in May.

The Wednesday morning Catonsville market opens in May also. I know Atwaters Bakery sells at that one. I call it my free parking location to pick up some of their specialties without having to feed the meters or find parking on Frederick Road at the bakery/café.

With my Friends and Farms basket, and (crossing my fingers) my CSA starting back up in May, the markets are my filler. Which means little or no shopping at grocery stores.

Eating seasonally and supporting local vendors is important to me. I find the opening of the spring markets that sure sign of the change in the weather.

There will be reports and updates as I find out more about this year’s vendors at the local markets.