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Daily Archives: April 2, 2014

Buyer Be Aware

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Words of wisdom when using a new supplier or visiting a new market. In our case, making assumptions without due diligence.

We are pretty good about checking the source of our food. I read the labels religiously, and remember most of the time to ask questions. Still, I make those little mistakes. Mostly though, my little mistakes aren’t life threatening.

I did learn something new the other day while browsing a recipe comment file. Not all the butter I have been buying is “just butter”. Some of them include “natural flavoring”. From what I can ascertain, many butter makers include “flavoring” which actually is being used to enhance the color of the butter.

I bought Amish roll butter at Shrewsbury last week. It is not the same as the fresh roll butter we saw at Manheim yesterday. Not a bad product from Shrewsbury but one I won’t buy again. Because it has the additives that make me sneeze

My Trickling Springs butters are nothing but “Sweet Cream”.


Check out the butter you normally buy. See if has any additives. I have learned, through my allergies, when there are additives in my food.

That’s why I prefer buying more and more from local sources, or from small farms and artisans. I can ask the questions I want and get information.

Spring is coming. Soon, the local markets will be opening. Howard County markets are producer only. Around us, you could be seeing items that aren’t sourced locally. Yesterday it was obvious that the outdoor vendors with items like pomegranates and bananas were selling what they bought wholesale, and not locally sourced.

Not that it is bad, just that knowing what we are getting is important to some of us. And, we certainly love the quality items we find at our local stores and markets.