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Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

Carpe Java

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Seize the Coffee. Some days I feel I need that kick to get started.

F and F apr 3 14 023

Thanks, Iron Bridge for the awesome coffee cups. Today was a bit dreary, but yet warm enough to feel like spring really may be coming.

Highlights: picking up the Friends and Farms basket.

F and F apr 3 14 003

And, heading up to the community garden to plant a few garlic chives.

I keep searching for the signs of spring in the yard, and they are getting closer.

As for the basket, those hamburger patties just scream “Fire up the grill!”.

F and F apr 3 14 005

The cod is destined for a fish and chips dinner. More on that later this weekend.

There were the usual eggs. Some nice looking Colby cheese. Cremini mushrooms. Apples, potatoes, kale, Bibb lettuce and carrots. Frozen broccoli and squash puree.


F and F apr 3 14 004

I love getting popcorn. So much fun to make. There will be fancy popcorn while watching the final four this weekend.

Getting into that spring mood now. The garden will be coming soon. The grill is up and running. One more day of rain, and then a lovely weekend.