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Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

How To Forget About Winter

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Winter? What Winter? How quickly we forget about winter when the temperatures start to rise and the sun comes out.

We spent two hours putting in the first row of the spring garden. Tilling. Planting kale and Swiss chard seeds and white onion sets.

After a scheduled community garden member trip to select spring plugs and seedlings from Sharps coming up, we will finish the planting and put in the row cover. Best to keep the bunnies from noshing on those tender greens.

spring plantings 004

Big difference from a few weeks back when the snow was on the ground.


Today while we were out at the Conservancy, there were four busloads of school children doing service learning. At least six different plot holders were planting, tilling, building raised bed boxes and just flat out enjoying the warmth of the spring sun.

We stopped for a snowball before heading home. The first snowball of the season is always a treat. Spearmint with marshmallow. Our traditional favorite.

The next week looks to be filled with those days that make me stay here in Maryland. The perfect spring days. Cherry blossoms are popping out. Forsythia is starting to bloom. I will have daffodils within the next two or three days. Followed by the hyacinths and the tulips.

Add to that the Coop to Coop tour this Saturday. I also should head out to England Acres and pick up a few petite filets to grill. Or maybe that last package of venison tenderloin from the freezer. Or the first kofta of the season. The possibilities are endless.

buy local first day lamb kebabs 021

Putting away the soup pot and getting out the spices.

Oh yeah, as I said, Winter? What winter?