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Daily Archives: January 21, 2013

Heard Around the Water Cooler

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aka The Bird Bath. I think that my neighborhood birds are all excited that the Ravens won.

venison roast and va malbec 016

They were gathering in earnest today at the bird bath. They also decided the buffet in my yard must have been worth the visit.

venison roast and va malbec 054

These are just the robins and starlings that descended upon us this morning. And, only a fraction of them. There were more out back and in the meadow. My neighbor’s crab apple trees are the big draw along with my heated bird bath. I think this “discussion” is about why the Cardinals didn’t do so well this year, and what they think of the 49ers.

venison roast and va malbec 027

Add to all these new visitors, the red bellied woodpecker decided to chase away the finch from his favorite feeder.

venison roast and va malbec 037

But then he got all introspective and went off to contemplate whatever.

venison roast and va malbec 035

Just another day in West Howard County. Lunchtime entertainment.


Eat Local on Game Day

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Big game day! After a very successful Conservancy event, we came home to nibble during the game, and have pulled pork sandwiches at half time.

For my Eat Local Challenge, I had pulled pork I bought at Breezy Willow. I had the picture of it in yesterday’s blog. I did not waste time during dinner to take pics of the sandwiches, but that pulled pork is really good.

We nibbled on pumpkin hummus and ate some Bowling Green cheese during the game. I picked up the cheese at the mini market at the event today. Got some good veggies from Zahradka today to add to what I bought yesterday from Breezy Willow.

meet the farmers 014

George Zahradka brought those wonderful romanescu cauliflower, and some sweet carrots. And Brussels sprouts. And, more but my husband went over and picked up these items.

meet the farmers 006

meet the farmers 011

Denise Sharp sold out all her kale before I could get some. She also had huge rosemary “bushes” just like the ones I bought from her last spring. She told me again in April will be our chance to come out and buy plugs and seedlings.

All in all, one great day. A very successful event and a Ravens win.