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Daily Archives: January 4, 2013

Sixty @ Sixty Using the Yacon

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My personal challenge in turning sixty. Use six new exotic veggies. Tonight it was the yacon. Remember the yacon? The weird veggie in my CSA just before Christmas.

csa fall 2012 week 7 038

Yacon is a relative of the sunflower and the Jerusalem artichoke, only slightly sweeter. Grown mostly in the Andes, this veggie made its way to our home in our organic CSA box, from the Amish in Lancaster. I found a recipe that used it raw in a salad with other fruits and veggies. I decided to try it out this way.

yacon dinner 003

Shaved with the mandoline. Paired with apple, carrot and greens. Finished with pomegranate seeds, pistachios and pepitas. Sprinkled with goat cheese feta.

yacon dinner 010

The salad, and a roasted chicken, were dinner tonight. Served with a Glen Manor wine. The chicken from a local farm. The wine, one of my favorite Sauvignon blancs out there. It tastes like a New Zealand wine.

yacon dinner 033

But the star of the dinner, I have to admit, was the Stone House multigrain bread. Taken out of the freezer and baked for 15 minutes. Crisp crunchy crust. Tons of flavor. It was the highlight of dinner. Thank you TLV farms, for having them at the tree cutting days at the local farm. I stocked up in the freezer with their breads.

yacon dinner 028

Back to mostly local cooking, and good for us veggies. The holidays are over, but good food is still out there. Oh, and the other highlight of the dinner. My birthday roses are still hanging in there. Way to go, Raimondis.

yacon dinner 044