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Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Get Out There!

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That’s how I feel when the weather is as good as it is around here now. Today we had wonderful hikes for the volunteers, and a lecture that just really gave us so much more to think about when it comes to life in the farming community of Howard County. Creating the Mt. Pleasant history has been a long fascinating task for the history committee.

history tour and background shots 004

One thing we learned about the farmhouse. The old log cabin is under the siding in the center part of the building. The dining room was in this section of the house. Guests were seated so they could watch the beautiful sunsets through the open door. Now that the trees have grown, you don’t get the clear view that they did a half century ago. Still, sunsets out here are spectacular. In this clear winter weather, we get some really incredible ones.

dark days week one 005

This weekend a really great wonder talk on Beekeeping will take place there. Put it on your calendar. The weather should be wonderful. You could hear the talk and take a walk through the property. What could be better than strolling around the trails in 50-60 degree weather. In January.

Carol Link is giving the Beekeeper program. She has one very exciting interesting life. Check out her bio on the bio page.

The wonder talk this Saturday the 12th starts at 10 am.

And, if this weather holds, the Tuesday fitness hike (and the stroll for us slower folks) will concentrate on native plants. This hike is at 0930 on the 15th followed by a lecture by Tabby Figue of the Conservancy staff.

Don’t stay inside during this incredibly mild lovely weather. Tomorrow I am going to spend most of the day outside. Think it is time to take down the Christmas lights and finish the garden prep to be ready for spring.

What are you all doing this weekend? Oh yeah, there is football for the Ravens fans. 😉