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Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

Rearranging the Habitat

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And driving the birds nuts. They don’t like change. They were not happy when everything came down while they did crown cleaning of our maple tree. When I put it all back up, I had moved things around.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 020

I got a new witches hat at Mother Nature’s the other day. Plus, I wanted to protect the suet better. And, I found a new nugget and peanut feeder to replace my gnarly looking old one. Birds don’t like change, as I said. The downy woodpeckers had to take time to figure out how to get onto this new one.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 057

This young downy launched herself at least a half dozen times before figuring it out. She did finally get there. Don’t worry. It isn’t a girl thing. Her brother had just as much trouble. These are two new young woodpeckers that live in my yard somewhere. With their parents. I watched all four of them this summer. Mama very protective while the younguns were learning. Mom and Dad are not afraid of me. The younguns still are.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 065

See, she did figure it out. Besides her, the young newest generation of red bellied woodpeckers took no time to get back here and find his favorite feeders. Even though they all moved around.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 063

He’s up in the tree here, but came down to the suet and to the sunflower/safflower/peanut mix in my left most feeder. He nails that feeder every morning now. He is also still very shy, and flies away immediately when I come out.

As for the blue jays, they are loving the peanuts. And, they have figured out how to hang on the side of the feeder with the spring loaded closing mechanism. Smart birds.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 038

We have at least six blue jays. They are always chasing the hawks, and they definitely know the sound of the top of the feeder closing. The “jay jay” call goes out immediately after I finish filling feeders and flinging peanuts in the shell.

As for smart birds, we now have three crows here. They love me, as I do the peanuts. I can now take their picture. They will fly away the instant my husband appears in the window. He has to start feeding them and make them happy to see him. Besides, they look almost like Ravens, don’t they?

breakfast and birds at new feeder 081

The crows are our alarm clock in the morning. As are the squirrels who think it is cool to jump from our cherry tree onto our roof and run across it early in the morning. Living in a Cape Cod, our roof line does run right across us on my side of the bed. It sounds like an army when they chase each other across there. They love the new location of the corn feeders. They can munch right from the tree. No sweat. No real acrobatics.

breakfast and birds at new feeder 041

I don’t need to pay for entertainment out here in west county. It is right outside my kitchen window.