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Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Three Meals, Locally Driven

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Last year I thought that locally sourcing my food would be difficult. Little did I know that there were numerous sources year round in the Howard County area. Now, it is a cinch to eat locally, and reduce my dependence on long distance processed foods.

Monday was one of my now typical days here. Since I have a freezer and refrigerator full of local foods, meals contain a majority of items from “right up the road”.

Breakfast Monday. Local eggs from Breezy Willow Farm.

venison roast and va malbec 002

We seem to have rediscovered eggs after years of avoidance due to those scary cholesterol “studies”. Now, free range eggs are a joy one or two times a week.

As for lunch, we heated up the last of the pork BBQ from our visit to Breezy Willow Saturday.

breezy willow and farmers 004

Dinner, venison. Right across the highway, locally harvested venison. This is a rump roast.

venison roast and va malbec 003

We put it in the crock pot with root veggies, onions and some organic mushroom soup. Added some Mother Earth mushrooms just before it was finished.

venison roast and va malbec 060

The Canela bakery rosemary bread will be sopping up the gravy created by the veggies, and some of my stock from the freezer. What does it look like when it is done?

venison roast and va malbec 069

You can see the mushrooms, and the turnips. The sweet potatoes are melting into the gravy. The roast is peppery, tender and not gamey at all. I don’t get the gamey aversion. Dark meat has more flavor, due to muscle. Venison is lean, with lots of muscle, therefore it is “gamey”. It still was lovely.

venison roast and va malbec 107

Yes, the gravy looks a little orange because the sweet potatoes melted into it. I need to put them in much later than I did. To finish the localness of this meal, the wine is local as well.

venison roast and va malbec 086

Malbec and venison are supposed to be a good match. And, they are. We decanted this 2005 Breaux Cellar Selection wine, to let it breathe. Really a delicious wine. A lighter version of Malbec as these were young vines.

All day. Local food. Local wine. How I have changed in what I cook.