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Daily Archives: January 12, 2013

Christening the Food Saver

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that my brother gave me his Food Saver vacuum seal machine. He no longer used it, and it was taking up space. I wanted one, but thought the price was pretty daunting. Today I christened it. On something simple. Like cranberries.

england acres and cooking 002

Fresh cranberries bought at Catoctin Mountain Orchard yesterday. Boiled and drained. They will become part of a salsa later this year. I just wanted to test the sealing properties on a “moist” item. And, learn how to cut and seal bags. The finished bag.

england acres and cooking 019

It did a great job of sealing them. I could really get to liking this thing. I am thinking of soups and stews, sealed, put away in the freezer, and then just boiled until warm. It is straightforward to use.

england acres and cooking 013

Sealing area. Vacuum area. Easy instructions. Easy to use. I really do like it. Glad my brother thought of giving it to me. Here’s to fun at Larriland this spring and summer. I may never use canning jars if I can vacuum seal the tomato sauce.