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Cellar Dinners

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One of the best things we found at Bistro Blanc. About once a month they host cellar dinners. BYOB cellar dinners. The guests bring old wines from their cellars.

We tell Marc in advance what we are bringing. He cooks to match the wines. Tonight we enjoyed a five course dinner with five lovely wines. Check this out.

photo (8)

Yes, that is a huge piece of lobster in the middle of the foam. OK, I remembered to take pictures but I can’t remember what all was in the dish. It was served with a 2000 Macon Villages white burgundy. Wine still kicking but definitely turning a bit dark from age. Old white burgundies have a certain taste. You have to admire a white that stands up and says take notice when it is 12 years old. The lobster was awesome. On top was a fennel and apple slaw.

Next course:

photo (9)

Crispy flavorful pork belly served with a Cotes du Rhone. OK, I forgot the year. 2001, I believe. Under the pork belly were little nuggets of root veggies. That bright green coulis was made from leeks. The wine, smooth, mellow, aging well.

Third course:

photo (10)

That would be kangaroo. Yep, kangaroo. Lean, flavorful. Reminiscent of venison medallions. Served over a risotto made from toasted wheatberries. Now I know what I am going to do with the ones I bought the other day. The white foam was made using a fried egg. Marc called it Steak and Eggs. The wine, a 2002 Monticello Tietjen Vineyards Cabernet. Stellar wine. Still a baby. Glad we have more in the cellar.

Fourth course: Cheese

photo (11)

This was an amazing combination. Marc made four bites to match the nuances in this wine. The wine was a Ramey 2002, from Healdsburg. So, we ended up with two wines from California same vintage, different regions back to back. A lovely big beautiful wine, to match the food. The food, a dehydrated raspberry “kiss”, a blue cheese cheesecake, candied walnuts and a cranberry chutney. Every bite brought out something different in the wine.


photo (12)

This was the only dish from the regular menu. Black raspberry preserves crisp underneath juniper scented vanilla ice cream. Served with Tin Lizzie made ice wine, made by the owner of Bistro Blanc at the Howard County wine making site. All in all this dinner was well worth the money, and we look forward to many more.

If you want something new to do, and you have a wine cellar, these dinners are a perfect evening, to open and share special bottles of wine with fellow wine lovers. Besides, Marc loves cooking off menu and getting really creative.


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  1. It looks and sounds luscious !!! (love the “steak and eggs” – ha!) It sounds like you had a great evening!

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