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Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

The West County ICC

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Getting around in west county is confusing for some, easy for those who live here. This postcard that came today

reminded me that to get from east to west or vice versa, many of us use this relatively direct routing that the bike races use.

The Homewood/Folly Quarter/Triadelphia route is our ICC. People believe that these rural roads have little traffic and are good for serene quiet bike rides. Believe me, other than the Sunday morning of the races, these roads are anything but serene.

Bike race days don’t bother those of us who live out here (at least, most of us), but the pre-race training gets a little crazy. Packs of cyclists vying with trash trucks, Eyre buses, school buses and commuters using these roads as a way to avoid Rte. 32 can be a little daunting.

I have witnessed accidents because of low visibility around the trash trucks, and a number of times we have had tire tracks swerving up to our lawn and back down to the street.

Those of us who live out here go through this circle (downtown Glenelg meets the end of Dayton) countless times a week. The gas wars between Royal Farms and Shell means we have some of the best prices around. This pic in April was when gas in Columbia was almost $4.

Lots of residents come here to gas up and get coffee, so it is a busy place even on weekends. The run to Columbia from West County along this route takes you past St. Anthony’s, where the Monk’s Bread that HowChow blogged about is sold.

This site is lovely, with grounds that are just incredible to visit.

The University of Maryland has some of their research farms along the route also.

So many times, people say to get to Glenwood or Glenelg to just take Rte. 32. It is not the most direct way to travel, and certainly isn’t as scenic. The back roads that connect east and west, and north and south get you past some interesting sites, like this one.

This is on the north south shortcut and Rte. 32 avoidance route. Where else can you find a post office like this one?

Take the back roads. Avoid 32, and the traffic. Stop and enjoy the scenery, and eat al fresco at the Crossroads. The $29.95 all you can eat crab special is active. We saw the sign on our way north on the Ten Oaks/Linthicum route the other day.

At least their picnic tables have a fence to keep you from getting that parking lot view.