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Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

Anticipation, anticipation. Is makin’ me late. Is keepin’ me waitin’ …

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Can’t get that Carly Simon song out of my head. Why? Waiting to see what will be in our first Sandy Spring CSA box this Thursday.

I keep checking the web site. Tonight or tomorrow morning we will get the proposed list for the Columbia site. It should be similar to what the Montgomery County sites get tomorrow.

There are sixty plus farmers, organic, all small, in the coop. They rotate who gets what each week, as they can’t supply all of us with a certain veggie every week. It may be week one or two when we get something like asparagus, for example.

The boxes sit in a large stack in the garage of the home where we do our pick up. We will check off our name, and empty the contents into our bags we bring. The boxes get recycled. If we ordered meat or dairy, or a specialty item they will be in the cooler with our name on it.

It’s just like Christmas, only healthier.

I see everyone is getting cremini mushrooms. Hopefully we will, too. Mother Earth supplies our mushrooms. I see one set of sites is getting bok choy and scallions. Sounds like chicken chow mein night to me. I have everything else to make it. Just need the bok choy, and I will use the mushrooms in it as well.

This is the fun part of being in a CSA. The excitement of what is in the box. Although I have never heard of “vitamin greens”. Sounds like a fancy name for microgreens.

Springtime we get lots of greens. There will be many stir fries and salads. That is OK.

The nice part about this arrangement is how I can plan the Howard County Farmer’s Market visits around it. Get my box on Thursday. Hit the hospital market on Friday, or Glenwood on Saturday to get meat, dairy, bread and fruit. A whole week’s meal buying from local vendors and an organic coop.

Mushroom pate sounds good to me.

And, in a few weeks, garlic scape pesto.

How much better can it get?