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Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

CSA Week 4 from Sandy Spring CSA

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Down to Columbia this afternoon to pick up my bounty. It gets harder and harder to fit it all in the picture.

Notice the large amount of green things. Not too many other colors other than the potatoes, and the stalks of the chards. Here is the official list of what was in the box.

I did one swap. Spearmint went into the swap box, and a broccoli came home with me. The veggies are so fresh, and so good to munch on right out of the box. The snow peas were the first victims of my munchies, but other things like the broccoli don’t get put away without me munching on them for my lunch. The mini bok choy are a treat too.

I am glad I have lots of colanders and a spinner, for all these greens. Right now the broccoli is up on the stove in the steamer basket waiting for me to turn it on, to have with salmon and potatoes for dinner.

More garlic scapes and more kale. I am going to try a vinegar, sea salt and pepper version of kale chips this weekend. Also going to make a garlic scape hummus using cannellini beans.

Price analysis a little tougher this week, as some things aren’t easy to find.

Spearmint worth at least $6, as there was enough in the bunch to fill at least three of those packages found at the store. The pound of baby chard, and the pound of mini bok choy, each would cost $9 at Roots, for packaged fancy greens. They would cost more from Our House Farm at Olney. There, they are $14 a pound. I will use the $9 number, so $18 for both. The deer tongue lettuces would cost $2.50 each for organic. Total now up to $29, and not quite halfway done. Collards, kale and yellow chard $3 each at markets. Garlic scapes, 10 of them so two bunches at $2 a bunch to compare to market price. Snow peas, $3 a container at Olney. Yukon Gold New Potatoes, a pound and a half, for about $1.75, or a bit more. Broccoli, count only one, since spearmint was in the box, even though I didn’t take it. Broccoli is $2 at the market.

Grand Total this week: $48.75. Cost of a share $29.75 a week. Savings this week, at least $19. This was a huge week, as the mini bok choy and chard alone are premium greens when sold by organic farmers at the markets.

Total savings to date: $40.15 after only four weeks. If you are vegetarian, or have a large family, this haul is more than enough to sustain you a week. If you are two crazy people like us, you eat all you can, and freeze the rest. I am getting good at making things that go in the freezer for later.

Our weekly trip down to the pick up point off Cedar Lane is well worth it.