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Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

They’re Baackk!!

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The wild asparagus returns! After being MIA for two weeks, I noticed their presence today.

There are three spears at the moment. Two white ones and a larger green one. Maybe a few more will pop out before the weekend.

Plus, the mint is going nuts again, just in time for the Kentucky Derby. Sounds like a mint julep party Saturday night on the patio.

Anyone can grow mint. It is essentially a weed. Get a pot and put some in. The Howard County Farmer’s Markets open next week and there will be vendors selling plants. Mint is extremely easy to grow. I put it in iced tea, use it in salads and over veggies, like zucchini, and my personal favorite, watermelon, feta and mint salad. I leave the pots out all winter and every spring the mint comes back. DO NOT put in in the ground or it will spread like mad and take over your other plants.

As for the tomato plants, they are hanging out waiting until this weekend to be planted. I think we might be lucky and get them in the ground before Mother’s Day. So is the basil.

I did plant lavender, tarragon and marjoram today, along with some plugs of cutting flowers. The herb garden is filling in nicely. The ability to cut fresh herbs for dinner is so convenient, and they just add something special to meals. I also toss a few leaves on the grill while grilling to fill the air with the scent of herbs.

As for the non edibles out there, the rhododendron are blooming finally.

I am thrilled this year. Dozens of blooms instead of just a few. This is one of my two bushes. The other is behind the tree. For me, having flowers in bloom all spring and summer is a lovely backdrop while dining on the patio. Beats that view of the parking lot at most restaurants. 😉

The tangelo azalea finally bloomed.

This is the first of a number of blooms on this plant. It is my favorite azalea in the yard. And, it is fragile so I baby it every winter.

The markets open next week. There will be plant and flower vendors at every market. If you don’t want herbs, at least get a basket of loveliness to put outside of your home. The bees will thank you for it. Like our carpenter bees who are living under our deck. Pollinators help your garden. We can’t lose them from our environment.