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Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

What’s In The Box?

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I now love Thursdays because they are CSA delivery days, my weekly Christmas on Thursday. We got our first box today for the Sandy Spring CSA. My new pickup point is an outparcel of Columbia off Cedar Lane. The list at the site had the confirmed contents of what was harvested and packed for the 40 or so members of this drop off point. We get to go to the web site and see in advance what they hope to pick and box.

CSA contents Week One

The collards were the only thing not included in the final tally. That’s OK because eleven items, mostly greens, is more than enough. I barely fit them all in a picture.

The hubby and I did a quick calculation of what we would pay at farmers’ markets and Roots for organic veggies like this. Since I had to stop at Roots to get organic chicken and shiitake mushrooms and ginger to make chicken chow mein with the bok choy, I got some of their prices. The tally here:

We got a pound of lettuce mix. At Silver Spring Market, for organic lettuce mix, it is $14 a pound. At Roots,$9.

We got a large bok choy weighing 12 ounces. At Roots, $3.69 a pound. Cost approximately $3.

Leaf lettuce, $2.49 each. We got two. So, $5.

Scallions, two bunches. Ours were a bit bigger than Roots. They were $1.69 a bunch. So, $3.50.

Parsley. $1.69.

Cress. $1.69, but ours was Persian cress and way more of it than the bunch at Roots. We had 10 ounces of cress. Estimate around $3 for ours.

Spinach $2.49 a bunch. Our 5 small bunches were about the equivalent of twice the size of their bunch. So, $5.

French breakfast radishes. No real comparison, but their radishes were $2.49 a bunch. Say our specialty radishes, like those we find only at Dupont Circle and cost $4 a bunch.

Baby Hakurei turnips. Last time I bought them at Dupont they cost me $4.


Conservatively — $38. If I got fresh organic lettuce mix instead of Roots in a plastic container, add $5.

The $29.72 a week we pay for this CSA is well worth the price, considering I don’t have to run to organic markets and far away farmer’s markets to get some amazingly fresh veggies. We like the surprises, and the exotic items are interesting to experiment.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to clean and put away the veggies.

I have already been menu planning, and chow mein is a big item. So is a colcannon with turnips, potatoes from Boarman’s, the turnip greens, radish greens and some of the cress and spinach.

A pesto or two is also in the running.

Salads for lunch with some tuna or chicken.

I love opening that box and seeing what goodness is within it.