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Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

The Garden After the Rain

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Besides the rhododendron, this is the time the trees and shrubs are the best present springtime brings us here in this area. We are graced with some mature, immensely beautiful specimens throughout our yard and garden. We spend the time to prune, feed and protect these lovely gifts of nature, and after today’s rain they are awesome.

The mock orange shrub out by the well is gearing up to blaze us with white and yellow flowers.

Mock Orange

The kousa dogwoods are blooming earlier than they usually do.

Kousa Blossoms

Although they make me nervous at the weight of the branches from the rain. We carefully prune them every year but they are growing like crazy because of all the rain the past year.

All of the plants are growing well due to the weather, a mild winter and enough rain.

The tangelo azalea. Fragile, delicate and so pretty.

Why I love living here in the spring time!

And so do my frogs, who jumped in the pond just as I snapped their picture, hidden under the lace maple.

Spring in West County! Ready to plant the veggies this weekend, and enjoying the flowers.

My Blooming Rhododendron

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One of the prettiest, but one of the most difficult species of plants I have on the property are my rhododendron catawbiense. They love rain and temperate climates, not the scorching heat and oftentime droughts here in our region. That’s why I am so happy to see them doing well this spring.

Lots of blooms. Lovely flowers. Lots of new growth as well. An evolving display as they open.

They look so deep in color when closed, but are so delicate after they open.

Saturday they were at their peak. Over two dozen blooms on each of the two plants.

I really do appreciate all the spring flowers left behind by the original owners of our home. These plants are a delight to see every year.