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Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

My Husband is Ranting Again

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Tonight again the same rant. Why do we ever go to restaurants? Because of this.

Sockeye, couscous and roasted tomatoes

This is the second night we had really good dinners. Yesterday I did soft shell crabs for him.

Grilled soft shells with mustard butter

Served with this.

One stop shopping at Boarman’s for the crabs. Live when you see them, and cleaned for you as you wait. Oh, and vodka for your cosmos. Where else can you get liquor and dinner to take home?

Both nights featured Linden wines as well. With the crabs, a 2009 Hardscrabble, big, rich and luscious to cut through the richness of the crabs. Tonight a 2009 Avenius, completely different due to the flintiness of her soil. This chardonnay was citrusy, with just a hint of malolactic fermentation. It perfectly complimented the oiliness of the salmon.

At the moment, I think the Avenius is drinking better than the Hardscrabble. The Hardscrabble, though, is a huge wine which will need cellaring. Might not peak for 7-10 years. Linden’s big chards are Burgundian in style, and take years to develop. I may not have the patience to wait that long.

As for desserts lately, we have a few. How about Shoofly Pie from the Amish vendor at the Briggs Chaney market?

I picked up a couple small shoofly pies from the Amish vendors along with some homemade egg noodles. Nice market. Not big, but with a few really good vendors. If you live in South HoCo, not far away at all. These pies will be dessert later tonight with some High’s vanilla ice cream.

I am doing a good job of avoiding chain groceries, and certainly not eating badly. I think this is working out well. Shopping at markets and local businesses. Works for me.