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Tractor Supply Chicks and Brighton Azalea Garden Update

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The new most searched topics for this blog. How much are those chicks? Are the azaleas blooming?

brighton dam and glenelg 105

First, the azaleas. Yesterday I was told out at the gardens that they are at the 35-40% mark for blooms. Tomorrow should be a good day to go, or next week, as more varieties respond to this warmer weather.

Oh, and take money. $6 per person to tour the gardens. Under 16, and 65 and over, don’t pay. This is new. I don’t know how rigorously they will enforce it during the week, but on weekends, they will be collecting money. I understand it. The gardens needed lots of work. Older plants died, and they have replanted extensively the last few years. The gardens are still lovely. Worth taking the time to visit.

tsc and community garden 001

As for those baby chicks, not many left at the Mt. Airy store today, and they are on sale for a buck a bird. Yep, $1 each. Minimum of six chicks, unless there are just a few left. A couple of the tubs had sold signs on all the chicks in them. I suppose that when they get a few weeks older, they are eating more and the profit margin is shrinking.

While we were there today, I did pick up shallots for my garden. And, a bag of snap peas to plant. Tomorrow I will head up to my garden to continue planting. Not quite ready for the tomatoes for two more weeks, and the zukes and cukes won’t go in until the end of May. Too much of a risk. They don’t like any cold nights.

Spring is definitely hitting us hard now. If only the pollen would go away.

brighton dam and glenelg 223

Sure Signs of Spring

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Around here my favorite sign of spring is the blooming of two of my plants.


The rhododendron. Every winter I try and protect them, to whatever extent I can. This year, the deer decided to chomp on one of them. The snow cover prevented them from eating on the ground, so they chewed up the bottom of one of these plants, as well as a few evergreens.

Thankfully, they did OK overall. The other two are a darker color.


And not as quick to flower.

My second indicator is the tangerine azalea.


Almost blooming. This year I have about a dozen blooms on this plant. Some years it flowers more than others.

In the spring, too, the hostas are incredibly pretty. They are a nice contrast to my north facing azaleas that bloom last.


Along with the azaleas, the lace maple in full color.


The lace maple is one of those trees. It just leaps out and captures your attention.

Springtime. When the plants renew themselves. The trees turn green and the shade returns.


The backyard is green and shady.


And the meadow is full of buttercups.

Spring in this part of the world is the reason we stay here. Lovely weather. Beautiful surroundings and lots to do.

Mother’s Day Stuff

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Like tea and scones at the Conservancy. Or azaleas at Brighton Dam. Or brunch somewhere.

What are you doing for Mom’s Day?

conservancy background shots 052

What could be more enjoyable than a leisurely stroll through all the gardens at the Conservancy while drinking tea and eating scones (some of them are mine!)? Garden clubs and volunteers are there to show you the beautiful flowers popping out in the gardens. Tea is being served in the historic farmhouse. This is all on Saturday the 10th.

On Sunday, you could head out to Brighton Dam to see if the azaleas finally look like this.

brighton dam 025

We were there today. The azaleas are coming along, but this winter did freeze a fair number of buds so they aren’t as magnificent as other years.

Whatever you do, the promise of spring time temperatures and flowers galore should take you outside to enjoy this lovely weather.


Le Jardin

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It’s Sunday morning in the neighborhood. The sky is misty. The plants are happy. A Sunday report on the state of my garden, and of the Brighton Dam azalea garden.

brighton dam azaleas and chicken in the crockpot 049

We stopped at Brighton Dam today on our way to Boarman’s to get fennel. They didn’t have any and we had to go to Harris Teeter, but that’s another post. The azaleas are past peak. Still pretty out there, but azaleas are over the hill. The cormorants were out in full force though.

brighton dam azaleas and chicken in the crockpot 065

As you can see, there are splashes of color but way past prime viewing season.

brighton dam azaleas and chicken in the crockpot 066

My herb garden is going nuts. Check out the large number of chive blossoms. Edible, tasty, pretty too.

gelnwood market spring flowers and bunnies 232

And, of course, the mint, which is essentially a weed. Can’t kill it. Spreads like crazy. This one has been in the same container for five years. For the life of me, I can’t remember which variety it is. It comes back every spring.

gelnwood market spring flowers and bunnies 227

As for my non edible garden, we got our first white rhododendron this year. Never saw one before now. The rhodie are doing well. With lots of new growth and more blooms than I thought.

gelnwood market spring flowers and bunnies 159

Plus, these flowers have never appeared before. Sometimes I wonder where in the world they come from. There are about a dozen of them out there now. I believe they are a type of iris. Any suggestions?

gelnwood market spring flowers and bunnies 108

Finally, too, the tangelo azalea has bloomed. Not as much as other years but still awesome.

gelnwood market spring flowers and bunnies 144

In terms of the pleasure we get from our flowers, shrubs and trees, it is well worth the effort I put into keeping them healthy.


Gardens and Parties

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Sometimes it seems to be another Hallmark holiday, but sometimes it really is special. Are you doing something for or with your mom that she really wants to do?

Even if it’s just a walk, or a meal, or a homemade card, those little things that bring joy are what most of our moms appreciate the most. The long leisurely phone calls where you listen instead of talking. Those little gifts taken to her, like in my case, getting her the heavier items she needs and can’t carry well anymore.

Driving her to someplace she really wants to go. My mom isn’t a flower or garden person, who doesn’t walk on uneven surfaces very well, but she loves to be driven out in the country just so we can talk.

Or, in my case, taking her to where she wants to go for a luncheon, even if it isn’t a place I normally like to go.

Today at the Conservancy lots of moms and grandmoms came with their families, even in the misty morning, to wander the grounds, have tea and scones in the farmhouse, visit the animals and talk to the gardeners.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 003

The children got to hear a Mother’s Day story. While proud parents took pictures.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 021

Mom may have even gotten a gift of some flowers to be planted when they stopped at the Conservancy community garden plant sale.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 044

All in all, we had a great morning. Tomorrow, if your mom loves flowers, the azaleas are in bloom at Brighton Dam, but if she isn’t into the crowds, maybe waiting a few days and having a visit after school, or early in the morning, when they open at nine.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 096

Here’s to all our moms.

repicturing and dinner and birds whatever 102


Brighton Dam Azaleas May 5 2013 Report

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They are getting there. The early bloomers are lovely. Lots of buds though. Mother’s Day should be perfect. And, how about this little gem?

burtonsville and brighton dam 058

I assume WSSC planted the flowers. I can’t imagine them allowing an individual to do it, but who knows? Plenty of color even on a gloomy Sunday morning.

A romantic spot for a walk.

burtonsville and brighton dam 042

Weekdays and early morning, this was at 9 am, you can have the place to yourselves. As you can see, many varieties are still in budding stage, not yet blooming. Still, there are spectacular blazes of color on some of the smaller paths.

burtonsville and brighton dam 079

Unusual colors too.

burtonsville and brighton dam 039

I could go here almost every day and be happy just to wander the trails.

burtonsville and brighton dam 083

Easy to access on the Howard/Montgomery county lines. This is a treat for all of us who live here.

burtonsville and brighton dam 050


Lovin’ the Springtime

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Finally, we seem to have stumbled upon a true spring time. Lovely sunny low humidity days. Perfect for al fresco dining. No bugs. No wind. Looks like a bit more of this weather in store also. Today we opted for dining outside as much as possible, and also spent time on the yardwork.

First, a report on our impromptu lunch on the patio. Using CSA items mostly, but making my simple salad as a topping. CSA greens with some scallions, baby turnips and red cabbage. A couple of pieces of that mozzarella I made. One of those huge spicy peppery radishes, and half a Valencia orange. Add to it some homemade vinaigrette. The topping is my Tuscan inspired tuna.

al fresco back yard 010

In the little cup is a dollop of vanilla yogurt I picked up at Breezy Willow Wednesday, served with a few apricots and some frozen blackberries, left from my Larriland stash in the freezer.

Dinner is happily slow cooking in the oven, the last of the lasagne I made from my homemade sauce. Took it from freezer to oven. No fuss while we enjoy the weather in the back yard.

al fresco back yard 111

I can hear the tractors, my husband in the field and my neighbor in his yard. Doesn’t everyone park their tractor by the patio while taking a lunch break?

al fresco back yard 087

As for how things are developing in the flower and tree department. Azaleas really starting to flower.

al fresco back yard 064

This purple one is really full of blooms. Also having a banner year is my crab apple. Within a few days, this should be a vision in white.

al fresco back yard 027

Anything significant blooming in your space? Spring has definitely sprung in West Hoco.