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Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Back In The Swing of Things

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A full month of good things to do where I volunteer. At the Howard County Conservancy, there are a number of days we have events. I volunteer at a few and attend others when I can.

This Saturday Ray Bosmans is coming back with his snakes. Always a very well attended free event. At 10 am.

Next Tuesday, we begin our series of volunteer winter hikes. New friends are most welcome. Hike at 9:30. Lecture at 11. The 14th we will learn about the soil at Mt. Pleasant presented by Dean Cowherd, NRCS.


Then, same time on the 28th, Kerry Wixted or DNR will present Exploring Maryland’s Biodiversity.

February 11th, over at the Belmont site, The History of Belmont.

For me, these continuous learning opportunities keep me engaged. Learning more and becoming a better leader of field trips.

But, my favorite upcoming event is the Storytelling Event.

JAN 19- Sunday 3-5pm Tales of Nature: An Afternoon of Professional Storytelling with Adam Booth, Diane Macklin and Marc Young. An afternoon of storytelling that will delight and enchant both children and adults. Tales of earth’s creatures and Mother Nature will be among the stories told by three different professional story tellers from three different traditions: Appalachian, American & African Griotic, and Jewish. $5/person; $15/family. Space is limited, registration required!.

The description from the web site. If you have never seen truly talented story tellers, this is a must attend event.

Wow, add to that my program committee meeting, and I will certainly be busy in the New Year.


Frigid Weather

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The next few days are going to be tough to deal with, around these parts. Temperatures below zero degrees tomorrow night.


We have snow on the ground and the birds are pretty active looking for food under the patio table and around the deck. We have unfortunately also had a number of hawk attacks. Lost a few small birds.

I am keeping the bird bath full. It is amazing watching them get into the basin and fluff up their feathers after dunking themselves a few times.


We now have quite the collection of red bellied woodpeckers. There were three out there yesterday. I refilled the suet holders for them.

Tomorrow (today by the time I post this past midnight) is Little Christmas, the day I usually take down the decorations. I think that will occur later in the week when it warms up.


The tree needs to be taken out to the landfill later also. They recycle them into mulch. As for the garland, it will become a bed around the rhododendron, where the pine needles can continue to add some acidity to the soil.

I have been heavily using the crockpot, making another batch of venison chili today. I learned a lesson though. My method of putting frozen items in the pot has resulted in a hairline crack in the ceramic insert.


Thankfully, I do use the liners. Still, I have to buy a new insert. And stop putting the pot on high.


I am slowly making my way through the Larriland tomatoes in the freezer. Next year I will be getting many more than this time, as they make a world of difference when used in soups and chili.

As for the next few days, I think we will find some indoor projects to tackle. Until it warms up a bit.

Stay warm, and watch out for black ice. And, think of spring.