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Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

It’s Restaurant Weeks Here in #hocomd

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For the period of 13-27 January, many locally owned restaurants across Howard County are participating in “Restaurant Week“. Obviously, from the dates, it has been expanded to two weeks long, during one of the slower months. To encourage diners to come out.

All sorts of specials. We have already received emails from Bistro Blanc. Iron Bridge. The blog party is at Alexandra’s at Turf Valley.

Other restaurants across the county are participating. Some that we like also include Aida, Elkridge Furnace Inn, and Xitomate.

For me, finding good locally sourced food is what brings us to a restaurant. But, I have to admit, I like HowChow’s latest request. A compilation of dining establishments that overlook storm water management ponds. I may have to go looking for some. I have lots of places with outdoor dining overlooking the parking lots. Ponds? Not so much.

But everyone who reads this blog knows I am more likely to cook, than to eat out. It takes a really good restaurant to get us out, when we have dinners like this one from last Friday night.


This was my latest take on kofta. Lamb meatballs, instead of the traditional kabob.

I still think we will get to a few of the restaurants on the list above, while they are offering their specials. After all, we have Iron Bridge University, and a red envelope to redeem. So, there will be at least one dinner out.

Maybe Bistro Blanc. Maybe lunch at Xitomate. So many options out there. But, none of these overlook storm water management ponds.

Any suggestions out there for me, or for HowChow, of places that overlook the ponds? How about suggestions of places that have kofta on the menu, to compare to my recipe?