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Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

When It Rains, It Pours

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Or should I say when it is zero degrees Fahrenheit, even what you consider to be insulated pipes don’t always survive.


The pipe that feeds our tub/shower in the upstairs hall bathroom. Where the crack was, but not where all the “rain” came from.


The powder room exhaust fan. To the right but under the hall bath. It started raining hot water Tuesday night. Thankfully, we grabbed a large trash can to catch much of it, before it ran its way out into the wooden floored rooms. Tile is easier to dry out.

But, we have six holes in the walls. A really messed up ceiling in a storage room in the basement, over an indoor/outdoor carpet. Somewhat simple to clean that up too, except we have to rip out all the dry wall from almost half that room, which was close to collapsing.

My husband was quick to turn off the water to the hot water heater and stop it all before we had massive damage.

Thankfully, too, Ken Griffin is one amazingly responsive plumbing company. Called them at 7 am. They were here an hour later. All buttoned up in time to take morning showers before noon.

Now, we just have to fix all the messed up dry wall.

Oh, and add the pick up to the other casualty of the record temperatures. Dead battery.


Less than three years old. So, Sears is replacing it for free.

We are so ready for spring!