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Daily Archives: May 31, 2013

Opening Day in My World

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Two years running. Opening day at Larriland.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 008

Lots of cars. Lots of people. My husband and I got there at 1030, after the initial rush when they open at 9 AM. Same prices as last year.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 017

We picked 24 pounds. Yep, 24 pounds. This is what they looked like when we got home.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 019

We did whole berries. Pureed some. Sliced berries. Left some in the fridge for desserts. Put some away to give the neighbors. Oh, and made strawberry daiquiris to celebrate the season.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 053

Picking took us about an hour. Processing took me about two hours, and in my spare time I made my rhubarb BBQ sauce also. It was a fruit processing day here.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 046

That lovely puree. Will become smoothies and strawberry yogurt Popsicles. I need to hit Breezy Willow tomorrow for more yogurt to make the pops. The ones in the freezer, pictured above, will get put away for later this summer. They make a mean sangria when dropped in dry rose wine.

Love the fact that Larriland is open again. Looking forward to blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches and who knows what else. The freezer needs filling.

larriland and rhubarb BBQ 013