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Daily Archives: May 4, 2013

Co-Inky-Dinks (or Coincidences)

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Last night I happened to open Twitter to see the Beard Foundation publication tweets coming fast and furious. Just in time to see a blog I have used to find venison recipes win the individual blog award. Hank Shaw writes this blog. You should check it out.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. This is one amazing blog if you are looking for food cooked well, from fresh ingredients. His fish and game recipes are my “go to first” recipes when I get something good at the markets. Or, that lovely venison.

eat local venison loin, clarks elioak and spring pics 116

Besides, where else can you find wild boar, bear, and um, squirrel recipes. Seriously. You should visit it and read some of his outside the box recipes. Including his veggie ones. Like the one with salsify.

We got salsify a year ago in our CSA. I have been looking for it ever since. I want to try this croquette. I made fritters the last time.

week 7 014

I just tried this mushroom recipe today. I will be reporting on the results when I finally get to taste them. I used my cremini from the CSA. Just enough to make a small jar.

csa week nine, EA and flowers 102

Tomorrow I am heading over to Burtonsville to check out their new market. Orchard Breeze will be there. Maybe rabbit or duck will make its way to my menu, and I can use this great blog as inspiration. Who needs cookbooks when you can use great blogs?