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Daily Archives: May 11, 2013

Gardens and Parties

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Sometimes it seems to be another Hallmark holiday, but sometimes it really is special. Are you doing something for or with your mom that she really wants to do?

Even if it’s just a walk, or a meal, or a homemade card, those little things that bring joy are what most of our moms appreciate the most. The long leisurely phone calls where you listen instead of talking. Those little gifts taken to her, like in my case, getting her the heavier items she needs and can’t carry well anymore.

Driving her to someplace she really wants to go. My mom isn’t a flower or garden person, who doesn’t walk on uneven surfaces very well, but she loves to be driven out in the country just so we can talk.

Or, in my case, taking her to where she wants to go for a luncheon, even if it isn’t a place I normally like to go.

Today at the Conservancy lots of moms and grandmoms came with their families, even in the misty morning, to wander the grounds, have tea and scones in the farmhouse, visit the animals and talk to the gardeners.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 003

The children got to hear a Mother’s Day story. While proud parents took pictures.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 021

Mom may have even gotten a gift of some flowers to be planted when they stopped at the Conservancy community garden plant sale.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 044

All in all, we had a great morning. Tomorrow, if your mom loves flowers, the azaleas are in bloom at Brighton Dam, but if she isn’t into the crowds, maybe waiting a few days and having a visit after school, or early in the morning, when they open at nine.

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Here’s to all our moms.

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