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Daily Archives: May 8, 2013

Early Bird CSA Week Ten …

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… the drowning in greens week is here. In a good way, though.

early bird week 10 markets and dinners 075

Lots of greens in this week’s selection at Breezy Willow. We got:

half pound salad mix
one bunch rainbow chard
one pound spinach
radishes with greens attached
Zucchini (which I swapped for more radishes)
Spring onions
Three pounds red potatoes

Plus, I picked Great Harvest White Bread this week, and got my dozen eggs.

If that wasn’t enough, I stopped by Miller Library today for Thai foods and cheese, and was swayed into buying this peppery lovely arugula from Love Dove.

early bird week 10 markets and dinners 088

You can tell it isn’t sprayed or treated. Those little chomps by insects. I would rather have greens with holes than greens full of pesticides.

With all the greens that came today, I had to use up the kale from last week, as well as the chard from Burtonsville. So, I made a frittata.

early bird week 10 markets and dinners 053

A kitchen sink frittata. Throw everything in the cast iron skillet. First, onions, garlic and chard stems. Followed by kale and chard. Add eggs with parmesan, chicken stock, salt and pepper. Let it cook a few minutes then finish in the oven. Served with a mixed green salad and CSA supplied grapefruit.

early bird week 10 markets and dinners 094

It does look like we will be eating lots of stir fries and salads this week.

early bird week 10 markets and dinners 077

Lovely greens.