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Daily Archives: May 12, 2013

The Good Earth

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To till or not to till … that is the question.

tilling the garden 005

We have the tilling debate often. I don’t know if we should. He thinks because we have a tiller, we need to use it. Actually, tilling hasn’t been a problem as it loosens up the soil and makes it easier to plant.

tilling the garden 001

I use black fabric and mulch to keep down weeds. Again, some people don’t like black fabric. I love the fact I don’t have to weed. At sixty, with arthritic knees, weeding is a pain, literally and figuratively.

The weather, of course, isn’t cooperating. I want to put the tomatoes in, but temps will drop tomorrow night to the 30s. I will be covering the herbs and keeping the tomatoes inside until Wednesday.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 052

Although the tomatoes are inside and well, the herbs have been planted. There will probably be row cover going down tomorrow. I don’t want to lose the herbs.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 067

My last request here in the garden for this week, give me garlic scapes. The garlic is doing well, but no scapes yet.

mothers day and gardens and old wine 215