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Daily Archives: April 27, 2013

To Market, To Market We Go

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The markets are starting up all over the area. For those who love the farmer’s markets and the farm stands, the season is beginning. Howard County opens their markets on the 8th of May, at Miller Library. They should have their vendor lists up soon. Most of last year’s vendors will be back.

market saturday last one and west county 029

Besides these Howard County markets, if you live on the far edges of the county, there are new and existing markets just over those county lines. Like a new one in Burtonsville, just a few miles west of Rte. 29 on Rte. 198.

I haven’t checked this one out yet but I will be there soon. If you live in Fulton or Scaggsville in Howard County, this market is just across Rocky Gorge and a few miles up the road. Atwater’s will be there, and so will Orchard Breeze, where I get quite a bit of my pork products.

olney and boarmans 103

Of course, for those on the west edge of the county, there are markets in Mt. Airy and Olney, as well as our Glenwood Market. For those in Ellicott City or Elkridge, you also have Catonsville markets near you.

atwaters 022

I can’t wait for the markets to open, because when they do, I almost completely subsist on market goods and products from local artisans. Avoiding those grocery stores all summer long.

Add to the markets the farm stands. I will be checking out the opening of the farm stands. Gorman, Baughers, soon should be getting early spring items.

As for my farm series, I still intend to review Gorman, Love Dove, Copper Penny, Bowling Green and Baughers. Maybe a few more. I am waiting to get their information once they open for the season.

Come on and join me. Take a pledge. Seven items bought weekly at any market(s). Essentially one item for each day of the week. Support your local farms and artisans by buying their products and incorporating them into your diet.

It’s easy. Items like honey, meats, eggs, greens, bread, jams, herbs, fruit.

We are lucky here. We have Great Harvest, Atwater’s, The Breadery, Bonaparte, Canela and Stone House, all making baked goods for us. We have many farms selling chicken, pork, lamb, beef, eggs and cheese.

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If we all just buy a little every week from our farmers, we keep them solvent. Not everyone needs to join a CSA, but for the six months of markets, you can do much better than that tired old stuff in a grocery store.

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