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Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Out of Touch

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That’s how we were today. Off to PA to pick up some radio equipment, with “CHILL”, on satellite radio the entire day. No commercials, but also no news.

Stopping at a market on the way home. Not having a clue what was happening anywhere.

We tend to get that way sometimes, then all of a sudden catch the end of the news, or see a blog post, and that’s where we find out what is going on.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy in Boston. My husband took many trips there for work and has a number of friends in the city. Tonight we think only of those we know who live there, and those other acquaintances who went there to run. Hoping all is OK in their world, and trying to make sense of it all.

My previously scheduled topics can wait until tomorrow. Our calendar is full this week, but we will be thinking about Boston. Thinking about them and remembering how unsettled we were after 9/11. Then we worked in DC and watched the smoke pour from the Pentagon, and drove home after release from lock down on streets eerily empty and skies with no planes.

I hated that sense of unease, and hope they find out who and what was behind this tragedy, in order to bring closure to our friends to our north.